Monday, February 22, 2010

Value Workshop with Nashville Artist Erin Jones

A couple of weeks ago I took an afternoon workshop with Nashville, TN Artist Erin Jones. The focus of the workshop was "Value Study". I was very excited about this because you have to get the values right to have a successful painting! Erin had several setups and I chose this one because of the swirls in the fabric.

I mixed about 10 gradations of the value scale. Here is my palate with my piles of paint. This was a very good exercise and I did a value scale before I started the 2 value exercise.
2 value exercise--light and dark (shadow)

3 value exercise--light, dark and midtone--a little analysis was done before deciding what midtone I would use--should my midtone be a light or a dark???

4 value study--light, dark, 2 midtones. Once again I had to make a decision on the midtones. I chose to put them in the dark or shadow area. Notice with each additional value you add dimension to the painting.

You could keep going but at this point we ran out of time. L ast week I was in Key West, FL for a beautiful wedding at the "Little White House". I'll elaborate on my next post.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Head Study from Monday night and a new friend

I haven't been doing enough painting lately. Something about January makes me want to hibernate! There is a couple of things that will get me out of the house, filling up the bird feeder and my new friend--the donkey. I don't know if he has a name but I do know he loves apples and carrots. He's still a little skittish but is coming around.
This is my study from Monday night a couple of weeks ago. I tried to pile the paint on. Last week's painting bit the dust--literally--wet paint face down, not a good combination.

He sees the carrot . . .

Thinking about taking the carrot. . .thinking hard!

I know, I really need to get back in the studio (LOL).