Thursday, January 1, 2009

Portrait of Kristina & April

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2008 has been a year of growth for me as an artist and I hope 2009 will see even more growth. I was commissioned to paint these two lovely Sisters, Kristina and April, as a gift for their Father. This portrait was challenging because of their beautiful smiles; teeth are difficult to paint. I'm happy to say that Dad was very happy with the results.

Rhonda Hartis Smith © 2008


Suzanne said...

The sisters look beautiful, they do have lovely smiles.

I didn't know teeth were hard to paint, but then I cant even paint faces, so everything would be difficult for me.

Your talent is wonderful and I look forward to you sharing 2009.

Happy New Year.

Rhonda said...

Hi Suzanne, I just finished visiting you on Facebook! You're right, it's all difficult if you do it right. Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to 2009 also.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello sweetie,
Thanks so much for coming to visit me... It brought me tears of JOY to know that you still remember me!
Its been so long since I last came to visit you!
I`m sorry about that... I just needed to get Christmas out of the way!
Anyway, I would like to wish you a WONDERFUL 2009 and a very SUCESSEFUL too... with your wonderful paintings!
Thanks so much for delighting us all with!
Debbie Moss


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful and so is the painting. I'm not surprised that Dad liked it. Wonderful gift. Great job!


Pat said...

What pretty girls with lovely smiles -- you captured them well Rhonda!

Hugs, Pat

Brenda said...

How could the girls' dad NOT like this painting? Lovely, Rhonda, just lovely!

Paula Villanova said...

You really captured their youth and beauty! I concur that teeth are very difficult, but you not only handled them well, I particularly like the expression on the model on the left which is in part due to the way you painted her teeth! Nice work and a Happy and Creative 2009 to you too!

Rhonda said...

Hi Debbie,

Of course I remember you, thanks for stopping by for a visit and may we all have a successful 2009!


I think Dad was pleased (whew I was worried). Thanks so much!

Hi Pat,

They do have lovely smiles and they are beautiful girls. Thanks and hope you had a Happy Monday!


You guys are so kind, I really wanted to do a good job on these paintings.

Hi Paula,

I can say that I've gotten practice on teeth and smiles in the month of December. I appreciate the opportunity to paint them. Thanks for your comments.

Pat said...

This collection of Van Gogh paintings is moving to Amsterdam until June, Rhonda. "Starry Night" won't be back until then. It has always been my favorite. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has many Vab Goghs too. They are so inspirational!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Wow another great painting. How long does something like this take you to do? You seem to be a prolific painter. It would take me years to even attempt to do a painting. Did you guess Im not exactly Rolf Harris? Hee Hee X

Deborah said...

Lovely girls! I think their smiles are beautiful and natural looking what you did with the neck and collarbone areas. Excellent!

Cousin Deborah

Rhonda said...


I only had a couple of hours at MOMA but I wanted to make sure I saw the impressionist exhibits--they were awesome! I'm so excited about going to NYC next month--hope the weather is good tho.

Hi Kitten!

It takes days to do a portrait but there are a lot of factors such as how many people, background, how much of the body, hands, etc. I work on several at the same time so that helps.

Thanks Deborah,

Glad you're feeling better! Are you taking any trips to exotic places in the near future?