Friday, November 21, 2008

The River Hat

My reference for this painting was a small snapshot taken while on vacation in Mexico many years ago. My husband and I were in a boat also and we passed this boat with an adorable little boy with the white hat. I love the palm trees and the bank of the river as the back drop for the boy. I spent a lot of time on this painting trying to get it "perfect". Well I didn't succeed but I certainly tried! This painting is one of my favorites and will stay in my private collection.

16 x 20

Rhonda Hartis Smith © 2008


Suzanne said...

I can understand why its one of your favourites. I am not sure I could ever part with any paintings so I understand why you would keep it.

I tried to add you to facebook again, but as my friend request was out to you, it wouldnt take again.
This is my email address

Have a good weekend.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rhonda, Im just catching up on everyone as Im still feeling abit ill. Thanks so much for your comment regarding my blog, Im still considering what to do, but I would still visit to see your lovely paintings and of course to bore you with my family history LOL! A new site sounds exciting so I will look forward to hearing more about that in the new year. I like your still life pictures below. The colours are gorgeous in them. Very warm and festive. How do you paint someone in a boat? I have images of you running along a river bank with your easel ordering your subject to keep still! Hee Hee.... only joking. I think the medication is addling my brain X

Pat said...

Hi Rhonda
I can see why you like this paiting so much -- the scene is so peaceful. Plus it back nice vacation memories.
X0 ~ Pat

Gina said...

This is so lovely Rhonda..can really feel the tranquility of it, the water is a beautiful colour, makes me want to be there with the sun shining :D Gx

GMG said...

Hi Rhonda! It’s always great when I have a chance to get here! This one is superb; no wonder you keep it for yourself. Question of good taste... ;))

Now, interested in Tunisia? Blogtrotter has it now! ;)) Hope you enjoy! Have a great week!

Paz said...

Adorable, indeed! Wonderful painting.


Rhonda said...

Hi Suzanne,
I think I have you added on Facebook. You do part with a little bit of yourself when you sell a painting. Let me know if I don't show up as a friend.

Hi Mandy,
Glad you're feeling better! I hope you will visit me often and keep doing your blog because you're so talented. I painted this from a little photograph that I took years ago.

Hi Pat,
Wish I had just a little of your cooking talents--your recipes look amazing. Thanks so much, you're right when I look at the painting it does remind me of that beautiful vacation.

Hello Gina,
I think the water was one of the things that I loved about the picture (other than that cute little boy).

Hi Trotter,
Thanks so much (didn't have a lot of yellow in this one). Can't wait to see what Tunisia pics you have.


Thanks so much!

Sandra Ree said...

Hi Rhonda, I'm catching up on everything and what beautiful paintings I have missed! Congratulations on your opening, I know you must be so proud. Your talent shows in every painting you post. :)

Pat said...

Hi Rhonda
Thank you for your nice birthday wishes to my daughter! We appreciated them!
Hugs, Pat

Rhonda said...

Hi Sandra,

I've missed you soooo much, glad your back. Thank you so much, hopefully I'll have more paintings soon--I've been working on several.

Hi Pat,
You and Lisa are so welcome! She sounds like a neat person. I'm visiting NYC in February--can't wait.


mari said...

Rhonda, I can see why you want to keep this in your personal collection. It is wonderful. You've captured a nice, quiet, almost mysterious mood in it. And the use of green is stunning.

Brenda said...

I feel tranquil just looking at this. Lovely, Rhonda, just lovely.

Rhonda said...

Thanks so much Mari, Have a great Thanksgiving!

A big thank you to you Brenda and have a wonderful Thanksgiving also.

GMG said...

Hi Rhonda! Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogtrotter is now at the Bardo Museum; some of the best Roman mosaics in the world! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Deborah said...

Hi Cuz,

Just stopped by before heading for bed. Wanted to say "Hello" and "Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving"!


Rhonda said...

Hi Gil,

My visit was wonderful as usual--the mosiacs are really beautiful.

Rhonda said...

Hi Deborah,

Glad you stopped by and that hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our family had a very nice one with plenty to eat and lots of love. One of my sons didn't get to come home but will be home for Christmas.

Hugs too,

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

it's beautiful, Rhonda. Also, your Main Street painting is wonderful. I love the old buildings.
Congratulations on your show.