Friday, October 31, 2008

Three Sisters

16 x 20
Rhonda Hartis Smith © 2008

My niece is a photographer and she took this picture of three little girls that are sisters. I fell in love with it and asked her if I could paint it. I have to admit that I've never painted such little legs (middle baby sister) with such cute little pink toe nails!!! Any suggestions on names for this one? I know you can come up with something better than mine (Three Sisters).


Gina said...

This is sooo the colours..can't think of a title atm but will come back later :D Have a lovely weekend Gx

Rhonda said...

Thanks so much Gina, you have a great weekend too.

Pat said...

Such cute little legs and pink skirts and flip flops -- matbe you could call it "Pink Trio," but I think what you called it, "Three Sisters," is the best because it sums it up so wonderfully well!
Hugs, Pat

Suzanne said...

I love those little legs. The little feet in between are so cute. We have a mountain range in Australia called the Three Sisters so I think that is such a lovely name.

Fifi Flowers said...

Love your paintings... these one is sooo cute... and your rpofile painting in FAB!
ENJOY your weekend!

Rhonda said...

I just had to paint this because they are so cute, maybe it appealed to me so much because I had boys (LOL).

Rhonda said...

Hi Suzanne,
I think we have a Three Sisters Mountain range in Oregon too!

Rhonda said...

Hi Fifi,

Thanks so much for stopping by, checked out your site and really enjoyed it. Your artwork is wonderful!


Paz said...

This is just the cutest! Love the title.


Rhonda said...

Thanks Paz, I thought it was cute but quirky!

Kathie Truitt said...

Rhonda, I just saw where you visited my blog, so I thought I'd come over here and 'meet' you. Oh, honey!!!! Please don't be impressed that I'm writing a book, because I do NOT write as WONDERFUL as you paint. Wow!! You are incredibly talented. My favorite? I LOVE the pig. Seriously! I collect pigs and I love that one. Great blog. I'll be by to check you out frequently.

Love and many blessings,
hillbilly debutante

GMG said...

Hi Rhonda! Three sisters is somple, perfect! Also loved the fountain!
Now, Blogtrotter is departing Armenia. It leaves you however with a view that Tsar Nicholas didn’t see… ;))
Have a great week!

Rhonda said...

Hi Kathie,

Glad you like my pig (I love that pig) it belonged to my father-in-law and I took a picture of it years ago. (us country girls)
Thanks for your kind comments!


Rhonda said...

Hi Trotter,

Can't wait to see Armenia! Thanks for your comments on "Three Sisters"!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rhonda, The name I came up with was 'Devoted Sisters' Abit rubbish, but I couldnt get the song 'Sisters, sisters, there was never such devoted sisters' X

Rhonda said...

Hi Mandy,
I love that song too, "Devoted Sisters" very nice!!!

Sharon Wright said...

Hi Rhonda, good to meet you. I love pictures that make me smile, and this one sure did that! It is lovely.

Rhonda said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for visiting and your kind words, hope you'll visit again.

magicpolaroid said...

hi! I love those little legs!
ciao, Luis

Rhonda said...

Hi Luis,
Yes I love them too, had to paint them!

Mara Jo said...

Hi Rhonda. I was looking at all your painting and came upon this one. It reminds me of me Jenny and Katrina. It looks like how we were when Katrina was little.