Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tea cup series # 3

12 x 16

Rhonda Hartis Smith © 2008

This will be the last tea cup that I finish before my November show--yes it's time. This was very challenging for me because of the two glass pieces. The candy dish was a very thick glass and not very transparent so I struggled with it. The cup & saucer was more transparent so the process was easier to get the feel of glass.

On my previous post, I received several very good suggestions of names for the paintings, thank you so much. It was very hard to make a decision but I decided to name the painting "Blossoming Friends" because the yellow rose signifies friendship.

Now get your creative juices flowing again because we have # 3 to name (please. . .).


Suzanne said...

Your painting is so beautiful. I cant think of a name just yet but if one pops into my head I will be back. I might to look at it a while.

I love the name you have chosen for your previous painting.

Rhonda said...


Thanks so much, keep thinking!!!


Pat said...

I'm glad you liked the title Blossoming Friends, Rhonda!

This painting is very nice -- how about "Sweet Cherry Tea"?

Rhonda said...


I really like that name! You are really good at naming paintings!!!