Tuesday, October 7, 2008

miniature beach paintings

Here are more miniatures that are about 3 x 4" in size. I wouldn't mind being under this palm tree right now!
This is from one of my vacation pictures--I love the reflection of the bird on the wet sand.

My friend Sandy relaxing on the beach (she does that a lot--I'm jealous).

Just some lone beach umbrellas waiting to shade someone!
Any suggestions on names for these little jewels?


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rhonda thanks so much for saying you enjoy my blog. I still dont know why anyone reads it as nothing exciting ever happens LOL! My gifts from Debbie were a lovely surprise. I could do with being on a beach right now, as I have a cold and a cough. The weather in the UK is very changeable at the moment. X

Rhonda said...

I know what you mean, it's 5:47 am here and raining--Fall weather! You live in such a beautiful area! I love your roade trips with Mr. k.

Anonymous said...

I love these miniature paintings. Only names I can think of are 'lovely, lovely, lovey, and lovely.' I need to be more creative. I know.


Rhonda said...

Hi Paz!

Well I like those names very much. Much more than my beach 1 2 3 & 4. You're very creative!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for making me laugh. I needed that. ;-)))


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

The wonderful life!
I wish I was there, right now!
I`m so envious, of who`s there right now!
If I win the lottery, there`s where I will be going...
Debbie Moss

(from not as sunny and wet and cold England)