Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Fountain at Night

16 x 20

Rhonda Hartis Smith © 2008

This painting is of the Fountain in Downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky. I was on the square for a musical event one night and took a night shot of the Fountain and really liked the way the buildings had a golden glow behind it.

There is a lot of history on our Downtain Square, the square originally had a courthouse built on it in the early 1800's. But eventually a new bigger, better courthouse was built in another location and in May of 1872, the area was officially named "Fountain Park" by our city's leaders and a fountain was placed there. The original fountain was replaced in 1881 by a 6,000 pound precast Fountain from J.L. Mott Ironworks of New York City. The Fountain is crowned by Hebe, the Goddess of Youth. Statues surrounding the Fountain are Mythological figures of Flora--Goddess of Flowers, Ceres--Goddess of Grain, Pomona--Goddess of Fruit and Melpomane--Goddess of Tragedy. There are two arch entries into the Park made of Bowling Green limestone. The landscaping is beautiful and buildings surrounding the park have been renovated. Very charming and a source of pride to the citizens of Bowling Green.


Suzanne said...

This is an awesome painting and I would love to see this in real life.
Hope you have a good weekend Rhonda.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rhonda, I popped by on your last painting and came away because I was trying to think of a name and when I returned there is another gorgeous painting... I cant keep up. Even Rolf Harris would have difficulty LOL! I could only think of 'Lifes a bowl of cherries' (Hmm not that good Im afraid) I will keep thinking. The fountain is very atmospheric, I like it. You are so talented, I wish I could paint. Hope I dont have to many little spooky visitors so I can keep some of the goody bags for myself LOL! Happy Halloween X
P.S Im sorry I deleted my last post, but I did read your comment and the reply on your other post. I cant wait to go and track the headstone, its just so wet and cold just now but I will hopefully find it soon X

Deborah said...

I remember that fountain!!! It's beautiful. Bev and Silbert took us around the town square when we were there. Okay...I'm getting 'homesick' again...

Cousin Deborah

Rhonda said...

Hi Suzanne,
You will have to come and visit and I'll take you to see the fountain. It is very pretty.

Happy Halloween!!!!1

Rhonda said...

Hi Mandy,

I know you will have lots of little visitors for Halloween! I've been painting more because of the show and now I'm ready to work on commissions for Christmas. I stay pretty busy! I like your title thanks for suggesting.

Hi Cousin Deborah,

You need to come back and visit!!! I know we're not as fancy as Austrailia or Tahiti or those exotic places that you go to but we would love to see you again.

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love this fountain, the history behind it and your painting.


Sandra Ree said...

Rhonda, I've soooo missed your blog. Right from your Cityscape tea cup, so touching because of the history, 40 years old is so young and so is 19...hugs to you.

The pears, the panel roses, the last tea cup painting, all beautiful! The fountain, perfect! Your November show will be a success! Wish I could be there!

And yes, the fair was in Perry, Georgia. Next time you're there, look me up...we'll do lunch! :)

Rhonda said...

Thanks Paz--you know it comes from NYC!! I really loved the picture but didn't know if I could pull it off in a painting.


Pat said...

Wonderful fountain and history behind it, and I love that it came from NYC!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Pat, I think that's pretty cool too!