Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Amplifier Featured Artist of the Month for September

I am honored to be the September Featured Artist of the Month for a local publication, The Amplifier. Please click on the link to learn all about me.

I've been on a motorcycle trip for the last couple of days to visit friends in Chicago, IL and to go to Milwaukee, WI to the Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Now I have to get back to work so I'll have more posts. . .


Deborah said...

Well, my dear cousin Rhonda! I am so proud of you and I must say, I am very impressed! What a wonderful article about you...WOW!
Your website is very professional.
Have you posted the article and website on our family site? I haven't been there today.

You really lead an adventurous life, travelling on a motorcycle!

Larry and I are leaving for Australia next Sunday - the 7th...then on to Tahiti.

I hope all the family there are doing well. Please give all my love.


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Hi Deborah,
No I haven't been on the family site yet. I'm still working on my website so this is really the first time I've promoted it. I thought you were going to Australia but didn't know when--what fun. You and Larry have been all over the world! You may get to Tahiti and decide to stay. Thanks for your kind comments--hugs too, Rhonda

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rhonda, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I promise you Im not as glamorous as my blog. In my head I think Im Grace Kelly or a young Elizabeth Taylor, but in reality Im probably more Roseanne Barr! LOL! I read your article, wow thats brilliant. You are very talented. I like the lilacs and thistles, the cat looks like my Merlin. And the two ladies in the dresses 'poised' are fab. I left a comment on it but it has to be approved before its published. Bye for now, Mandy

Paz said...

Hi Rhonda: Congratulations on being featured. What a wonderful and very informative article. Can we see your portrait of the belly dancer that's mentioned in the article? ;-) It was nice reading more about you.

Hey, someone's going to Tahiti? Take me with you! Please! ;-) Oh, so lucky.

Looking forward to seeing more nice articles on you.


Paz said...

P.S. Your motorcycle trip sounded really cool. Glad you had a good time.


Brenda said...

I'm not not at all surprised you're the featured artist, Rhonda. You are SO talented, your credentials VERY impressive!

Sandra Ree said...

Wonderful piece on you Rhonda! It's good to finally see the face behind the talent, and I can't wait to see your latest work!

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Hi Mandy,
If you have any glamour at all, it's more than me! Thanks for your comment about the article. Love the name Merlin--my black cat was names Midnight.

Hi Paz,
No way are you going to see the belly dancer, I think it's buried under a stack of Monday night paintings (and not one of my better ones I might add). Yes I wish I was going to Australia &
Tahiti. Thanks for your comments about the article!

Thanks for reading the article, I've been getting an education for years!

Hope my picture didn't scare you away! I'm working on a 24x36 ballerina (3 year old). Hope to be done tomorrow--wish me luck.

Thanks everyone!!!

Paz said...

LOL! Oh, well, I didn't think it'd hurt to ask. ;-) I'm sure the painting is fine. I look forward to whatever you post here.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations I enjoyed reading this and well done on being feauture artist of the month.

Marian Fortunati said...

I just got back from a long road trip with my Italian in-laws. Everywhere we went it seemed to be teaming with bikers! It got to the point that we were all wondering if there were so many people on the bikes because of the gas issue... But we finally asked. There were were in Yellowstone surrounded by people on Harley's and my Dad (who is soon to turn 90) turns to a group of guys and (after telling me in a loud voice that he was going to sit down for a while next to those OLD GUYS over there... ) asked them why they thought there were so many bikers around. OF COURSE the Anniversary Celebration ... everyone was going!

I'll bet you had fun!!

Marian Fortunati said...

Congrats, by the way, on that WONDERFUL article!
That was quite a break!

So do you know about Johanna because of the connection to Everett Raymond Kinstler??

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...


Thanks Suzanne I was surprised and pleased to be featured. I went to a wedding today and there were the cutest little girls there dancing, one in a pink dress with a pink ribbon and the other in blue--where is your camera when you need it!!!


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Yes that is where I met her, in Mr. Kinstler's workshop last February. I was very impressed with her work. Wish I lived a little closer then I would take a class from her. I'll be going back to NY next February--very excited about it. You should go too, there may still be openings!

ps Yellowstone is one of my favorite places, I have to go every other year to look at Old Faithful and the geisers. . .

Paz said...

What!? You mean you didn't take your camera to the wedding?! LOL! That's when you ESPECIALLY need your camera. ;-) Can you paint the girls from memory or your would need a photo?


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

I'm going to try to paint them from memory--the little girl in pink could really dance--she had her shoes off by the time I left!

Paz said...

Rhonda, that sounds really cool!

Happy painting,