Saturday, July 26, 2008

Portrait 3 hour Studies

Since Fall of 2004, I have been attending live model sessions in Franklin, TN at Southgate Studio. These sessions do not have an instructor but we critique each other's work, which is so valuable because sometimes others can see clearly what you are missing. The image at the left, Kenyata, is one of the first that I did (from 2004). I probably shouldn't show it but it is a good indication of how someone improves and grows over time (hopefully). Now I'm going to put the painting I did last Monday night on the right to compare. I think I can see an improvement--hope you agree with me. Please view my slideshow with several of my studies from Monday night sessions. They are not in chronological order but you can see a difference in the quality of the paintings.

Left: Kenyata Fall 2004 Right: Sketch (yes, really his name) July 21, 2008

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